Snow Melt and Villager Difficulties

Being as clueless as I all too often am, I wasn’t aware of the day on which the snow melted in town. I rarely skip the date more than a week at a time (to move villagers out), and I’ve only ended up in Spring once or twice – all I knew was the grass would be back around March. This left me pleasantly surprised when I popped in my cartridge and saw my town in all the glory of Spring!


I’ve been landscaping around town for the last 2 weeks, so I was happy to see the snow gone and that Pradera was looking as vibrant and alive as ever.


I should probably explain my town a little! Pradera is a forest town – trees, cedars, bamboo and clovers everywhere. The name is accidentally a little ironic; Pradera is Spanish for Meadow but right now it’s looking more like un bosque – a forest – than a meadow!

Currently, development is somewhat slow, and I absolutely love it for that. It’s kind of like Pradera is my own little project. I open my 3DS before bed and get to work on whatever it is I feel like doing today – planting saplings, laying patterns, PWP farming… It’s all my own work at my own pace.


Last week Tammy suggested for me to build my favourite PWP – the bus stop. I think it looks absolutely adorable nestled away next to the station. I like to imagine my villagers sitting there on warm days while they wait for their train.
Bus Stop right Bus Stop left

I also built the police station a few days ago, although theres a clear lack of flowers in that area (and my town in general), I’m very happy with the foliage surrounding it. As for the camp site, I’m still waiting for Cookie to move out so I can place it. Once she’s gone, I’ll have a big area of empty land next to my plaza to do whatever with.

Police Station

Although I’m really liking what I’m working towards in Pradera, I’m dreading plot resetting when my town’s more constructed; Right now I’m just placing villager plots in the southernmost acres of town. I’m certain it will be painful to position a house here, for example!

Benjamin Plot

So to conclude, don’t expect a dream address any time soon – sorry! I’m working on getting one up as soon as possible though.