Teeny, Tiny Announcement

After an hour or two of playing around with ideas and layouts in Photoshop, I’ve finally finished and published my blogroll page. It’s pretty late and my brain is elsewhere right now so it would be great if you could check that #1 I’ve included your Animal Crossing blog, #2 you’re happy with the avatar I chose and #3 the link to your site actually works!

Edit because I can’t function after 11PM: I forgot to actually link to the page. It’s on my blog’s menu under the title of “Nearby Towns“. Thanks a bunch, guys!


An(other) Apology – Valentines Day Edition

With flushed red cheeks allow me to lay my cards on the table. For those of you who aren’t aware (why would you be?!), I moved on to college September of last year and since then things have been pretty non-stop. My aim is to study medicine when I travel to university next year but that’s a lot of work and I’m sad to say it really does take up a large portion of my time – so apologies for that!

Although everything is still pretty hectic – and only getting worse as I’m nearing my exams in May – I’m making a real effort to find the time to relax during the week and New Leaf has become a huge, huge part of that. I have a habit of dedicating too much time to my studies, and not enough to what I need recreationally (it’s actually #349 on my list of bad habits), I’m still trying to fix that. So why am I writing this post after months of inactivity and totally bleaching my blog clean of content? Honestly, I’m still asking myself that as I type away, and the real reason seems to be “because I felt like it.” Just this once, I didn’t plan my post. I didn’t spend 20 minutes formatting the text. I didn’t promise this grand scheme of weekly content. I just felt like an update was necessary and as I’m writing this, I can tell you I’m really enjoying the freedom of expression a blog post like this gives, even in its most messy, unstructured form.

[I just this second realised what compelled me to write and chose an appropriate title for this mess]

So what am I promising this time ’round? I promise to try blogging, I promise to stop making deadlines for content, I promise to post whenever I have the creative urge to do so and, most importantly, I promise to have fun doing so!Isabelle Sprite

[Just thought of a witty alteration to the title heh.]

My next post will be animal crossing related, I promise. I have a bunch of photos just sitting around on my SD card waiting to be uploaded and I’m looking forward to clearing some space on there! Happy Valentines Day everyone! Spend it with those you love, or spend it doing what you love – just have a great one!

-The butt who can’t stick to a schedule (Mayor Tallo)